Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thomas Corr's Better Half -- Kathleen Corr

I like to think us wives are always the better half :-)  Anyway.

Tom's wife was a bit of a hunt - could not find her in the ship records.  I know she came over here as Kathleen Marron - what else.  So I figured where else to look???? Naturalization records, of course.

She applied in the U.S. District court of the Southern District in New York, NY.  Her name is listed as Kathleen Corr formerly Kathleen Clinton and Kathleen Marron.  (Clinton where did that come from I wonder? The family had no knowledge of that name.)

It lists her age, address and occupation which is being a housewife.  She has a scar on the left side of her forehead. Her complexion is light and she has Brown hair and gray eyes.  She lists her nationality as Irish/British.  She was married to Thomas Corr on June 9, 1926.  Tom was born in Monaghan, Ireland on July 4, 1904 and he entered the US on Nov 5, 1922 and he was Naturalized on June 8, 1928 at Bronx, NY.

Having the date of Tom's naturalization listed is wonderful.  It would shock you how many Tom Corr's there were that got naturalized it is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Now I have a date to look into.  It even gives his application # even better.

Next we see her children's names and their dates of birth.  I knew her oldest son's birth date but that was it.  Here they all are:

James born April 22, 1927
Thomas born June 16, 1929
Alice Nov 14, 1932
Kathleen April 6, 1938  all born in and now reside in NY.

Kathleen's last place of foreign residence was Monaghan, Ireland and she entered the US under the name Kathleen Clinton (There is that name again).  She arrived May 9, 1921 aboard the ship SS Cedric.

With this wonderful new information in hand I have some more searching to do.

It is like I told the family I am hunting for... It is like sitting down in front of a 5000 piece puzzle with no box lid picture to use as a reference.  Genealogy can be a great challenge but you have so much fun piecing it together.

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