Thursday, May 27, 2010

Something about Kathleen

Well I thought I would add more about my dear Kathleen Marron Clinton Corr.  I still had a question what was this Clinton name all about.  Don't tell me the former President snuck himself into my records.  Let me check out what other pages they have on Kathleen to go along with the one naturalization document I have.  Here we got a clue!!!

When she arrived to this country she came with the name Kathleen Clinton.  No wonder I couldn't find her arrival under Kathleen Marron.  Is that a married name?  Was she married in Ireland before she arrived?  If so did her husband come with her?  What happened to him - that she was able to get married in 1926 only 5 years after she arrived?  I guess I will now look for her ship passenger list information.

Now I am off to the Ellis Island website to find out more.

List or Manifest of Alien Passengers for the United States.  S.S. "CEDRIC" passengers sailing from Liverpool, April 30th 1921.

You will find Kathleen "Clinton" on line #11.  Her age is listed as 24 she is a Single Female.  Her occupation is listed as Dressmaker and she is able to read and write English.  Nationality is Great Britain, Race is Irish.  Her last permanent address was in Monaghan, Ireland.  The closest relative and their address that she left in Ireland is:  Mother - Mrs. Clinton on Dublin Street, Monaghan, Ireland.  Her final destination is listed as Newark, NJ.
This page just told us that her mother was now remarried and is now a Mrs. Clinton and not Marron.  So Kathleen used her step-fathers name.  I am going to assume her father died.  I will have to check on that and see what happened to him.  Check out the handwritten note going over her typed information

Let's find out what page 2 holds for us.

After 10 days at sea they finally arrive at the New York port on May 9, 1921.

This page we will be looking at line #11 to continue with Kathleen's story about coming to America.  We see that her brother paid her passage to come over.  She had never been to the United States before.  She would be joining a relative, her brother, Patrick Clinton who lives at 144 Hudson Street, Newark, NJ.She was planning to stay in the US for at least 6 years.  Now we get to her physical description.  Kathleen isn't a very tall person only being 5' 2" tall.  She has a dark complexion and dark hair and her eyes are brown.  It is also listed that she has a mark on her left eye.  Remember in the Naturalization papers it lists that she had a scar on the left side of her forehead?  I wonder if I can get a picture of her to figure out what they are trying to describe.  I guess I will have to make a call to a family member that is in NJ that can check her sons home.  It also lists her place of birth as Old Castle, Ireland.

With these new records to look over we find another family member name to look into.  Who is this Patrick Clinton.  Is he a step-brother? half-brother? or a full brother using the step-dads name?  I am now going to look into the 1920 census to see if Patrick is in Newark, NJ a few months before and see if I can find out when he came over.

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