Friday, March 12, 2010

Accepting new family members in my hunt

I feel like a grumpy old set in their ways grouch. I should be HAPPY to have help in my search of my hubby's family. When I saw his cousin looking and connecting ancestor information from my tree I was excited. I was so happy, someone on his side has crossed over to the "tree world."

I find myself cringing at the content on her new ancestry tree. Is there any proof to what she is gathering? Is she just taking the opinion of other people? Has she entered the "Land of Make Believe" or is she going to take the long hard trail in the "Tree World."

I wrote her an informative and guiding email about the importance of PUBLIC RECORDS, MILITARY RECORDS, CENSUS, LAND RECORDS, WILLS, etc. I mentioned the importance of using these records to form the true and correct relationships in the family. I see she has been an ancestry member for less than a month and has over 500 people in her tree going back hundreds of years.

My husband mentions to me not to worry, "She lists a lot of family members that aren't my relation." I need to remember she has a different grandfather then he did and a lot of the information is on that family.

I still worry about the information she is forming in her tree and am trying so hard not to step in and take over for her. It took me 13 years to get the 1500 people I have in the family line that connects her and my hubby together. I have to bite my tongue and allow her to make her own mistakes and learn to get out of them just like a lot of us end up doing in the beginning of our family research.

Well, at the moment that is all I have to add or vent about. Will post something more productive next time.

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