Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My thoughts about BRICK WALLS

I feel that family historians are like long distance runners and we will normally hit that wall in every project that we do. Maybe I just say this to comfort myself knowing that with my lungs a marathon is something I will never accomplish. I have however, watched and helped my husband train for multiple marathons during our life together. It seems like one of the hardest things to prepare for and accomplish. I feel that just like a runner needs to learn to push pass, climb over or knock down that wall so do I.

I feel that the genealogy brick wall is like a HUGE STOP SIGN and when I come to a place in my research that I just can’t seem to get passed, I tend to feel frustrated and sometimes will even give up the search for months at a time.

My motivation has to come from within; no one is standing there with a tow truck to pull me through. Who can push me or help me over the brick walls in research. I need to dig down deep and keep going, now IS NOT the time for me to stop.

I can’t imagine that everyone that has ever searched for their ancestors has not come up against a brick wall; one of my brick walls is my G-Great Grandma Zora Johnson. By the time I started to track her down through all the normal resources that I knew about I was ready to simply admit that she was an alien and truly was never part of my family.

Let me just say if you are facing this very problem; you just can’t seem to go anywhere or worse everywhere you go is a dead end with a HUGE brick wall standing there. DO NOT GIVE UP, but draw on some creative juices and look for the alternatives.

I must NOT sit in front of Grandma Zora with nothing to say, or in front of my computer staring at a blank results. I must not accept that “person not found” google result. It’s time to make a move, try this or that and cover EVERY avenue that comes into my mind. I will find out what happened to her. She could not have gotten on the “Mother Spaceship” and flown away. Come on out Zora, “Come Out, Come Out where ever you are.”

Well, that is just my thoughts on those pesky Brick Walls.

Thanks for reading.

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